The Important Stuff


Clear cut concise communication

Cloud Technologies

Mid-Level experience with virtual networks and AWS / Azure / Google Cloud Services

Project Management

Experience managing vendors and sales teams, coordinating updates, and planning downtimes for a 24/7 business.


Have built test labs for deploying basic web applications with Ansible and Chef. No production expierence yet.

Software Support

Proficiency in breaking down and troublshooting complex concepts with less technical individuals


I do my best work while remote, performing my best work is the only way I want to work for a business.









Additional Skills

maybe we can make something together!

Video Editing

I run a Youtube Channel documenting my adventures when i'm not working.


I organize events for Team Kindafast, and have ambitions to race semi-professionally.

Web Development

I love making effective websites for small businesses and non-profits. See my portfolio.

Infosec Advocate

Avid promoter of increasing personal security online. Checkout my simple guide.

Outside of Work

Just 3 Quetions

The three most common interview questions I get

How has your prior experience impacted your professional career?

My previous roles and working with small businesses has taught me a tremendous amount about the benefits of a properly documented environment. Whether the environment is virtual or physical, taking the time to document saves a tremendous amount of time, headache and money. I’ve worked very closely through the years with departments and individuals with varying technical understanding. One of the greatest traits I believe I am able to offer is my ability to bridge the gap of explaining technical concepts and solutions in layman’s terms. In addition to handling employee inquiries about how whichever new technology is being looked at will benefit their workflows and the business moving forward.

What would you bring to ____ that other candidates would not?

This one is quite specific from company to company, but I can certainly offer any employer some competition for their “best beard” contest. I think all companies have one right? In all seriousness though, I believe I bring a tremendous drive for professional growth and I have a serious passion for advising/implementing new technologies; especially in the rapidly growing cloud space and virtual infrastructure.

I’m a go-getter so unlike most; if I don’t know the answer, I’ll tell you I don’t know, but I’ll figure it out.

What is your biggest weakness?

My Biggest weakness is most definitely trying to do it all. I think this comes from being a jack of all trades, and knowing I can find the answer somewhere. Tech is a broad field and I’ve generally worked as the “IT” guy among my peers. With this however comes constant questions and interruptions. While I’m more than happy to answer them, it often detracts from actual work, leading me to overwork or adjust deadlines as a result of these interjections.
Over the years I’ve realized this weakness and worked very hard to mitigate side tasks, focusing on specifics and specializing my skills. I’ve discovered working remotely increases my output by ~2.5x, and I am able to deliver a more complete solution. I’m also happier (read: more effective).

So, How Much?

This is what my time is worth,   I'm always open to new opportunities

  • Writing

  • 0.10¢ per word
  • Technical Writing
  • 1000 word min
  • 1 week lead time
  • 1 revision
  • Type Away
  • Project

  • varies
  • 5hr minimum
  • Web Development  
  • Network Design  
  • Server Upgrades  
  • Get Quote
  • Full Time

  • $90k per year
  • 40hr / week
  • Remote
  • On-Call is 👍
  • Standard Benefits
  • 10-20% Travel is 👌
  • Resumè

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