#2018StuntGrom - Stock 2 Stunt Full Build

2018 Stunt Grom Build


Since I started riding motorcycle 4 years ago there’s always been an allure to stunting. I’ve put over 30,000 miles on the road in those couple years and countless more on the race track with Team Kindafast; the inner hooligan always yearning for more. After an accident that totaled Nadia I decided 2018 would start a new chapter in this two wheeled adventure and I’d give stunting a real try. As a big dude, jumping directly onto a big stunt bike would probably not be the best for my wallet or more importantly my body.

While I was traveling in Thailand, I fell in love with the Honda MSX, flickable, comfortable and just downright fun. So logically I got in touch with the resident MSX/Grom guru of Grand Rapids (Dallas), and I bought one shortly after I returned to the US to start my journey.

In this post I include links to all the parts needed to build a “professional” high quality stunt Grom in about a month.

From Stock to Stunt - Full Parts List

The Bike

1x New Bright Yellow 2018 Honda Grom - $3,636 w/ tax, fees, etc.

Phase 1 (Pre-Break-in, pretty much everything cosmetic)

1x KevTek Custom Build Subframe - $280

1x TST Undertail, Fender Eliminator, & Integrated LED Tail Light System - $102 (on sale)

1x TST LED Flushmount Turn Signals for Honda Grom - $14 (on sale)

1x TST 2 Pin LED Flasher Relay Gen2-F - $16

1x TST Signal Plug Converters for Honda 3-2 - $5

2x Womet-Tech Universal Mini-Bike Axle Slider Kit - $40

1x PSD Full Hand Brake Big Rotor Kit w/ RSC14 - $771

1x Honda Grom OEM 220 “Big Rotor” - $45

1x Frame Braces | Honda Grom/MSX 125 - $39

1x Pro Taper SE Series 7/8" Standard Handlebars - $63

1x Race Tech Grom MSX 125 Fork Springs (.70kg) - $136

Parts: $1,511

Total: $5,147

Phase 2 (Post Break-in Motor Stuff)

*Coming this Spring*

Now I realize this is Tremendously expensive for a toy, especially for what is essentially a scooter, but I wanted to do it right. I wanted to learn on the right stuff, and protect the bike as much as possible without limiting it. I’m a firm believer in the buy once, cry once mentality, so I bought the best stuff I could find out there, finding deals where I could. I also spent the money on new stuff, because I wanted to know it was fresh and less likely to break.  Lastly, I wanted to build this myself, I wanted this bike to be mine. In the past I never really cared about how my bike looked, I just wanted to go fast in the corners, put an elbow down and do shitty highway wheelies on my under-powered 07' ZX6R.

This is different.

Build Series

Cheers to 2018 Folks!

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