Elephants in Chiang Mai

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If there’s one thing you have to do in Chiang Mai, it’s play with elephants. It was my 2nd night in Chiang Mai, and I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do here, then I met Pablo & Marieta in the lobby. We got to talking and Pablo was going to see the elephants in the morning. Marieta and I instantly hopped on the bandwagon and booked our tickets right there. The bus would pick us up at 7am. 

We booked a half day (which is all you really need), for the morning (animals are more active in the morning, as it’s cool) @ Maeklang Elephant Conservation Communitytl;dr this place is amazing, with great staff and they just opened this year! 

Along with Mr. T, one of the coolest Thai dudes I’ve met, this sanctuary is freaking beautiful. Located somewhere in the mountains of Chiang Mai, it is way off the beaten path. Having a small group we were all able to enjoy ourselves and come out with a new friends, both elephant and human. :) 

We paid 1,800 Baht (~53 USD) for the experience which included transport (90min each way), all the bananas, lunch, elephant facts and about 3 hours of elephant time with a small knit group. oh, and we got some pretty solid photos to boot >>>>>>

A definite must do while in Thailand. 🐘

Where we went - Maeklang Elephant Conservation Community 

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