What's the best way to get around Bangkok?

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Bangkok has some of the worst traffic i've ever experienced. Combined with weird laws (by that i mean it seems as though there are none), questionable vehicles, bicyclists, and more mobile catering pop up shops than i've ever seen; getting around the city can be terribly time consuming and mildly dangerous ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ . It's a HUGE city at 1,569 km², so walking really isn't an option, sidewalks often just disappear. I tried walking it for a few days and even though I lived near the BTS, I would still net 15-20 miles a day, and that's a lot of walking. Sweaty. Gross. Tourist. Walking. So unless everything is just off the BTS (not likely), you'll need to find another way around.

"Take a taxi?" hah. walking is faster during peak times.

"What about a tuk tuk?" lulz. if you're in any part of touristy town, they're gonna try and take you to a shop. If you're in the market for a new suit or travel agency, great! If not, I'd avoid most days. Tuk Tuks do however have beautifully funky light setups at night, so it is a spectacle to experience once. 

"Bus?" ha. no.

"So what's left?" 

THE MOTORBIKE MEN! Or motorbike taxi's, whichever you prefer to call them. These folk are in my opinion the only good way to get around the city if you're here solo; or even as a couple really... A 4-5km ride will cost ya 80-90‎฿, (<$3 USD); likely less if you're a pretty lass. 

Being a 250lb dude with a 25lb pack I paid the normal price, and although i've had to haggle often, I'm always amazed after each ride how well these guys can navigate the city, especially considering I'm 2x their weight and many of them are 2x my age as well. Weaving through traffic with ease, these guys are sometimes even carrying 2 passengers. Hell, some of my friends back home have trouble with a single passenger under normal conditions but with these guys it's rain, shine, rush hour or even the dead of night.

Depending on your stay you might not ever need to take one. But I'd urge you to go out of your way and find a ride, as it's a thrilling way to experience the city, especially at night.

Curious how it looks? Here's about 20km midday from Dusit to the Thung Song Hong area.

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