⌘ + ? : Work faster with Cheatsheet

Those of us with various ever changing workflows are always trying to work faster, smarter and more efficiently on our computers. There are numerous applications out there to help automate things but learning keyboard shortcuts for your favorite apps is still the best way to improve not only your workflow, but your overall application knowledge too! This is where Cheatsheet comes in. A simple, 'there when you need it' application that helps you quickly learn new keyboard shortcuts throughout your Macintosh for any application.

Cheatsheet in Photoshop

Cheatsheet in Photoshop

"Just hold ⌘  a second longer"

Remember the first time you learned the shortcut for copy/paste? Life changing. This application brings that same feeling and efficiency to the forefront with little thought. Let's say you forgot a new shortcut, or are trying to find if there's a shortcut for doing *insert task* quicker, just hold down the command key a second longer than normal and.. BAM! There's your answer.

Personally I'm very familiar with the majority of shortcuts and I still thought this was a pretty cool little. It truly became awesome and blog-worthy though when I opened up Photoshop. Even with a decent amount of experience, I've never thought about learning the keyboard shortcuts. Cheatsheet has helped this become a reality, and fast, like a couple hours fast. Now i'm able to change brushes, filters, move through layers and quickly enable free transform without even thinking about thumbing for the trackpad. Best part? If I forget, the answer will be there in just a second.

It's free. Cheatsheet

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