Evernote for College and Life.

So you're in college, you're not a fan of notebooks or paper, and maybe you like to record a lot of lectures. Or maybe you are just looking for something new to play around with to get you out of the typical note taking scheme. I'm here to help. In this lovely blog post I will ramble on and on about Evernote, how it has changed my life, and increased my hatred for paper. I'll even show you how to automate a ton of tasks and backup your social online life so when the Internet explodes, you'll still have that stupid drunk picture from that one party some guy posted on Instagram. Enough rambling, lets get to it. 

Evernote: The Application / Awesome Sauce to your life.

You can get Evernote on just about any OS or Platform now. I rock the Mac, iPad, iPhone combo and it all syncs up and works great! Rarely crashes and gives you more ways to view your notes than one would ever need. 

Link to Download - http://evernote.com/evernote/

Using Evernote

Instead of making this one HUGE post, I decided to break it down into two, since both uses of Evernote are quite different. I'd read both, but that's just me. 

Using Evernote: College

Using Evernote: Life

Getting Evernote Premium.

Some may think that $45 a year is a bit steep for an online service. This is actually one of the cheapest online services I subscribe too, and frankly use it the most out of all of them. Definitely try it out before you subscribe to premium but once you nail a workflow for remembering everything important in your life, you're going to need the space, security and speed the membership offers. 

Hopefully you enjoyed the other posts, and I thank you for reading. Evernote is a truly great service but like everything, can always use improvements. Below are a few of the things I'd like to see and hopefully they implement in the 2013 year. 

- In App Transcribtion of Audio Notes.

- Two Step Verification

Evernote. Storing all my paper, audio and web clips since 2011.