Evernote for College.

The Education edition.

Evernote is a very powerful tool as you may have read in the parent post. Unlike most blogs I'm not going to tell you how you should use Evernote, but how I use it. Using Evernote is a very individual experience, and not until recently did I discover how I really wanted to use it.

(Feel free to skip around the post, I cover a lot.)

Tools needed for Complete College Organization:

  1. A Scanner
  2. A Laptop
  3. Android or iPhone

On the Mac (in my case)

Boom. Evernote just released a brand new App for the Mac about a month ago and it is a beautiful redesign. Using it is super simple, and it is where I do the majority of my paper to digital shenanigans. Using my scansnap S1300 and getting rid of all my paper has been a liberating experience to say the least.

Using scansnap's software and Evernote, I press the little blue button on the scanner and in a few short seconds, I have a note with this week's test in digital form. In about a minute, I have a searchable copy. Throw the test into the recycling bin, rejoice you can study it anywhere.

Math class is the only class that is stopping me from being completely paperless. This Semester I started scanning in my drawn up notes after my class. Combining them with  the recorded lecture allows me to listen and seem them on the iPad while I practice problems with my notepad next to them.

Optical Character Recognition, the Savior of your college life, is built in. I did a full post on this here, if you want to read how to save hours.

Inside Chrome

INTERNET CLIPPING. While more useful for daily life (link), can work well for clipping from a professors website, or saving a copy of an internet assignment quicker than printing it to PDF. I don't often use the feature for college related things, but you may find a better use for it than I have so far. DONE

On my iPhone

I often find myself trekking back and forth on the bus at GVSU with an abundance of "staring out the window time". Can someone say study time? All my class notes, all my assignments, all my previous tests are right there in my hand for consumption. I always see students with a packet of paper attempting to read on the bus while standing, I just whip out my iPhone and study away!

On the iPad

Like I stated in the parent post, using Evernote with a atomosphere of devices such as Android or iOS makes the experience that much better and more acceptable in certain real world situations. 

Taking notes on a laptop can occasionally be distracting in class, so I switch to the iPad. Here is an example from my 263 Class this semester.

Fairly simple, fairly useful, very straight forward. Studying on the bus has never been easier either, I can whip out my iPad from my backpack and I instantly have all of my school work ready to study since it synced up automatically while on the school's wifi.

Notebooks or Tags?

A question I actually never thought about till Candice tweeted about it last year before she went off to college. How do you want to organize your notes, tests, quizes, lecture recordings, worksheets, or whatever the hell else your professor throws at you? That is solely a personal opinion. This semester I made notebook to contain all of my school work instead of just searching the tags when I wanted to view something. So far it has been working well. When i'm done with those classes for the semester I think I will throw them in my general "school work" folder to Archive them.

That pretty much ends the cycle of my college notes, I hope you found it helpful and are able to get even more out of Evernote than I do! 

Pass the article on to a friend if you found it helpful and don't forget to checkout Evernote for Life! I cover how I use Evernote for everything else in my life (that's a lot of stuff).

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