Kickstart the Week - 5/7

Ahhh! So I missed last week, it may have been the lack of projects or my lack of time to find them but no worries, I'm back this week but sadly with only two awesome projects.

First up is the VIM cheat sheet! If you do any sort of programing or command line work often times when you have to deal with vim, it's a pain in the ass. The commands are screwy and incredibly hard to remember. With this cheat sheet you've got all the important commands, right on the wall of you man cave, simple as that. Beautiful Vim Cheat-Sheet Poster -


This next project is especially interesting and takes the power of bluetooth 4.0 into the world around you. Using a small little beacon, location based events and information can be transmitted to devices based on predefined settings. What I really like about this device though is how it can be used with some proper APIs. For me I can see this being a real world ifttt. With an adjustable range I can see the tōd being used to automatically shut a garage door when you pull in or even turn on your computer as you're driving up the drive way. The possibilties are quite extensive and i'd love to write a little code for this thing! tōd -


That's it for this week, hopefully next week we'll be able to fill all 3 spots!