Kickstart the Week - 5/28

Well first off, Happy Memorial day to everyone in the U.S.A! Thanks to the Veterans for fighting for our freedom, one of the reasons we're allowed to participate in things such as Kickstarter. Speaking of Kickstarter, lets get to the top 3 projects of the week! 

 Tiny, simple, works on everything. When you can say your device does that i'm pretty sure you've got a winner. The Vavo does just that and appears to make a fantastic stand for any of your mobile devices. My only complaint would be loosing that tiny little cover for the sticky stuff. ;) Be sure to check out the campaign video for a fully demo. Vavo - 

I love Toasters. I love iPhones. I love this device. This not so typical iPhone dock is my personal favorite for the week, It's just a little pricy...  Day Maker -

Knowing how to play Guitar can be the key to a girls heart, if you have the voice to go along with it. Some of us however are a little less gifted when it comes to string instruments, so a small little startup called Incident created the gTar. From what I've seen, this has to be second, only to private lessons for learning how to play one of the worlds most popular instruments. gTar - (Congrats on meeting your goal!)