Kickstart the Week - 5/21

Ahh, another has pasted and Kickstarter is flooded with a ton of new projects! Let's get to it.

 If you own an iPhone, you should probably take a look at this. Remeber those nights when you used to feel around for the port on your iPhone? Those days are over. CordLite -


 The iPhone has replaced most of our handheld cameras and it's about to change the way mobile scanning happens too. This nifty little fold up box has a nice layout to show you where to put your phone on top to get the perfect scan. Tucked up underneath the lid is a row of LED lights to make sure your scan is lit and lookin' good. Snazzy no? Be sure to checkout the video to see just how portable this thing is! ScanBox -

 I decided to save my personal favorite for last this week, the CloudPic. Bluetooth 4.0 is a massive improvement for the spectrum and has opened the door for a lot of new products much like the CloudPic. If you've got an iPhone and a DSLR your photos can be online minutes after taking them! Or even better, they can be syncing with dropbox so that by the time you get home they're in your studio and ready to edit. Bang. Check out the video for a sweet demo. CloudPic -

Update: I didn't realize how much I mentioned the iPhone in this post until after I posted it.. I guess I use mine a lot. :)