Kickstart the Week - 5/14

What a crazy Monday it has been, so crazy in fact I almost forgot to post this! Enjoy my top 3 projects for the week below!

First up is a oddly spelled but incredibly useful product, W1PPS! PC docks have been around for ages but no one has ever made one for Mac (not that I've seen). Simple adapter turns your office desk into a cable free wonderland. The rest of the clutter though is up to you! Be sure to check out the mildly funny campaign video. W1PPS -


A godsend for coders. Studying Computer Science at college is always a quest for documentation and learning what my code is actually doing. Light Table is a real time way to view code in an interactive way with full documentation and you can see where your code flows too with real time modifications. Will I be buying this in May 2013 when it's released? More than likely.  Light Table - 


While their campaign video isn't nearly as exciting as W1PPS, the product is actually quite promising. Granted, most tech savvy people know who to do their own P2P to accomplish the task above, these two guys aim to put simple (large) transfers into an app. I'd recommend checking out their Kickstarter page for a little better explanation than just the video. WireOver -