Kickstart the Week - 4/9

As many of you know I love movie making, watching and just any sort of visual media. This first project this week is called Grain35. The basis behind this is to filter digital video with the effects that older film (which is still used in Hollywood) to create a better feel for video. They plan on releasing these to all of the popular video editing programs with the quality of 4K video. To see more about how they're going to do it check out the video below! Grain35 -


Well this is different, a pot that charges things while you boil your spaghetti. But it does more, the thermal electric modules actually only have to have a temperature difference between the two sides to generate electricity. Most useful for backpackers or those in developing nations, anyone could use it during a power outage. Check out the very informative video for more! PowerPot - 


This last project is kind of cool using a mobile application to create collaborative mosaics, but to be honest I really just like the video. The Revolution Mosaic -