Kickstart the Week - 4/23


I'm not a huge fan of watches, besides a phase I had like 11 years ago I never wear one. If I had to choose between a Rolex or the pebble, it'd be a tough choice. Status vs Functionality. And when I say functionality, I mean, this watch can display just about anything you could ever think of on your wrist. Recently, this project has been blowing up on kickstarter and at the time of this post had over $6 million pledged dollars going for it. That's some crazy cash. Running for $115 during the preorder this isn't all that expensive and I'm really impressed with it. Also, being a computer science major, that fact that it has it's own SDK is very enticing. Check out the video for a full visual. Pebble -


When you're out riding or in a rush the last thing you want to do is check to make sure you turned on your bike lights. The Blink Steady is truely the best set and forget bike light I have ever seen. This theft proof bike light is super easy to use, put in some batteries, flip it to either the blink or steady side and screw it on! The light will detect when you are moving and turn itself on. The light also has an auto shutoff when you stop moving for a long period of time to avoid wasting battery. In the video the light doesn't look all that bright but I think in person it will be much more noticalbe.  Blink / Steady - 


Ever want to make your black coffee a little different? Try something a barista makes on the daily? This snazzy little poster inspired by how people connect over coffee will show you some of the most popular drinks that are easy to make. 13x19 It'll fit just about anywhere. Check it out!

 Coffee Beverages Poster -