Kickstart the Week - 4/2

I'm back this week with another 3 kickstarter projects to start your week! 

JuiceTank, sounds badass. Not needing a charging cable? Sounds even more badass. I'm sure we've all had that moment where we're out and about and totally forgot our charging cable. Granted over half of America has an iPod cable of some sort, it'd be nice just to stick your phone in the wall and have it charge without asking. The JuiceTank does just that! Two prongs pop out of the case and wala! Stick it in a wall, wait for the *dink* and you're charging. The video below is way better than my description though, enjoy! - 


Next on the list this week is the "Trigger Happy Camera Remote" this idea actually solves a ton of problems with current triggers and it's implementation appears beautiful. Bascially, one plugs one end of the cable into the headphone jack of their iPhone or Android device and the other end into the camera. From there they open up the app and snap away! Instant trigger, time lapse, HDR, it's all there and super easy to use. I can see myself hooking up an old iPod touch and just setting it out with my D7000 all day to get a sweet photo montage. Anyways, I'll let the creaters explain more in the video! -

The next product isn't exactly a tech product, but then again I didn't intend this blog to have just tech on it! Anyways, is a cute, cool and unique concept where you design a little you (or whoever) and it is printed and sent to you. These little guys are perfect for gifts or just to take photos of next to interesting things since they're tiny and awesome. I think the kickstarter video is lacking a little but it shows you exactly how to create and what you'll get. -