Freakers are In!

The Kickstarter project I blogged about not too The Freaker was successfully funded by 2,416 people who just loved the idea! (or Zach Crain, we're not quite sure). No matter though FreakerUSA is official! And everyone who backed the project has now been freaked, including myself.

Check out the unboxing belowing and then keep reading for my first impressions. 


So after a couple days and some fun whipping them out and onto my drinks infront of friends I'm glad I got them. My friends like to call them "Pop Socks", some thought it was actually my sock at first but then realized there was a flying sheep on it. :D

Not only did I get some Freakers but after shooting FreakerUSA an email they also sent me a bunch of stickers! One now currently resides on the front of my laptop, and my IZZE soda I just bought at my local coffee shop has a freaker on it. Needless to say they're living in perfect harmony. Let's just hope the IZZE doesn't fall onto my Macbook Pro, that wouldn't be good.. 

Anyways, here's a quick "Unenveloping" video of the sticks, enjoy!


Care to order a Freaker? - ~ Tell em' Justin sent ya ;)