Are Moo Business Cards Simply the Best?

Business cards are a funny thing. They're fantastic to give out information quickly but often get thrown away after it's been copied down, and sometimes even before then, costing you a valuable customer. Many say that business cards are on the decline but I think that is far from the truth. People love tangible items, it's a known fact. Give someone something that's interesting to hold and you've got their attention. Give someone a Moo Business Card, and you've got their business.

I got my first order of Moo business cards today and as you probably saw in my unboxing I was pretty excited. The 50 free business cards from and Moo partnership got me hooked and I've already ordered more. The texture and quality of the Classic Moo card is perfect; thinner than a credit card yet just as sturdy. Unless you deliberately bend it, it's not going to crease, even during some rough handling. With the option to put a different back image on each card I was estaticed. Moo calls this process "Printfinity" and is probably the biggest selling point (for me at least). Two sided color printing standard and the option to layout the text almost any way you want is awesome! Throw your contact information, a catchy tag line, your business logo and/or a snazzy QR code to expand the relationship without even having to say a word. When you meet someone for the first time you want to make a good impression, Moo makes it easy. While I can't bash vistaprint's business cards, Moo surely provides an incredible product.

This past week I gave a couple out to my friends and asked them for an opinion, they seemed to love them!

"Bro, you're a pro."

"Damn theses are some sexy cards!"

"Dude, what's up with the cheeseburger?"


Although it may seem that I like to boast products on my blog, it's because I only blog about the things I like. Do your company a favor. Better yet, do yourself a favor. Get some Moo business cards and improve your first impression on customers, you only get one shot! 

~ Murph.

Want to handle a sample card before you buy? Be one of the first 25 to comment saying "I want one!" along with whatever else your heart desires and I'll mail you one of mine, free.