Best Coffee Tumbler Ever.

In my quest for the perfect coffee carrying travel companion for college I came across the Thermos Sipp Travel Tumbler. After two weeks of putting it to the ultimate test, let's see how it held up! 

What is "The Ultimate Test" you may ask? Basically just daily use, cleaning, will it survive a drop and most importantly if it's leak proof. Using a coffee Mug or Tumbler is really a personal thing since everyone drinks, stores and uses their mug differently but here is my take on the Sipp.

Like most people, I like my coffee in the morning, It makes me happy. Hot coffee isn't an issue with the Sipp and like most other insulated Travel mugs, if you're not careful you'll burn yourself. The Sipp has no problem keeping your drink hot, I had tea the other day to see how long it would last, I couldn't drink it for 6 hours. Speaking of Tea, the Sipp has a nifty little tea hook that you can hang just about any tea bag from, I like it.

Every travel mug has a different sealing method as well, which is why choosing the right mug is such a personal matter. The Contigo Tumbler is another one of my favorites but I can't handle the button on the side, it is far too easy to hit when my drink is in my bag. The number one selling feature on the Sipp for me is the lid. A single button on top opens and closes the gateway to deliciousness. This button is protected by a very thick lip around the top of the cup. Two openings on the top make it so you can drink from 360° without an issue (I never liked having to reposition my hand just to take a quick sip of coffee).

Another thing you'll find with the majority of Travel cups is that the outside gets warm after pouring your drink in. The temperature of the Sipp never changes, hot or cold drink, it's always room temperature. I found this fantastic since a sweaty drink in my bag would not be a good thing for the nearby electronics.

The Fill Line on this Tumbler is your best friend. Don't fill it past or you will surely have an accident. The way the tumbler works is actually really simple. See below for a quick demo of how this Sipp works and why I like it so much.

Now that you're back let's clean up! Cleaning the Sipp is super easy, warm soapy water and a single twist to take apart the cap. Scrub a dub dub and whala, you are ready for your next cup. From what I've found, the Sipp doesn't actually need to be cleaned too often, a quick rinse should do the trick when changing types of drinks. I guess if you're really feeling the clean though you could check out the OXO Good Grips Bottle Brush, it's pretty cheap and makes cleaning the bottom easy for those of us with large hands.

Drop Test! Although I didn't drop my dearly beloved on cement as this would scratch her beautiful exterior, the Sipp did handle several falls to the carpet without leaking a drop.

Using the Sipp at your local Starbucks or Caribou is hassle free as well, the 16 ounce cup holds a "Grande" or Medium without a problem so you can enjoy that latte while saving the planet!

The Sipp is the best Travel Tumbler I have ever used to date and it comes in Black or White, so take your pick!

Do you own a Sipp? How do you like it? Are you going to buy one now after reading this review? Let me know in the comments!