Super Speeders 3 - Movie Review

Super Speeders 3 - On The Run is an independent film about several guys with nice cars on a race across the United States. The majority of the movie takes place in a Ford GT with over 750bhp (Brake Horse Power). If you don't know cars, that's fucking ridiculous. During the small breaks in the different cities the guys stop by friends to burn some rubber, tune up the car, take awkward video of girls in Hummer hot tubs, etc. Although the plot of the movie was lacking, it's not in HD, and the camera work is a bit shaky, I for the most part enjoyed the film. The roar of huge engines and hiss of turbos blowing off are always welcome sounds.

My interest in the film was actually sparked by this YouTube video two years ago, I came across it again tonight, said what the hell, and rented it on Amazon. For an independent film made 4 years ago it was some good entertainment at 3 in the morning and if you like cars you'd probably enjoy it too. Everything in the movie is real and i'm curious as to how many tickets they racked up by the end of the rally. The cops are funny, the suspense is there, and it's far too late for me to be writing this. 

If there is something i've learned from this film, it's that you can't outrun the cops. No matter how fast you're going, a police radio is still faster. Oh, and radar scanners don't do shit when you come up on a cop going 200+.

~Cheers, Murph.

P.S. The last 6 minutes of the movie shows the result of the YouTube video I mentioned, you'd be surprised. :)

Also, never let me blog this late again.