Juicies on Kickstarter!

Colorful iPod cables? Count me in! I've been waiting for something like this for years and someone has finally jumped on the idea. I know they have super cheap cables that are similar but the texture and quality of an apple cable doesn't compare. Using real apple cable manufacturers to make the colored cables, Juicies are premium cables in your favorite color!

Here is a bit more of an explanation.

Retail for these is about $19 but currently there is a "PAY WHAT YOU CAN" reward level that gets you a colored cable no matter what you pay! I suggest you give at least $5 to the cause and get yourself a snazzy colorful apple cable on the cheap. Hurry though, this reward is limited to 2000!

Get yours!

If you guys haven't noticed yet, i'm obsessed with Kickstarter. So many great ideas!