olloclip: Indulge in your inner "indie" photographer

Feel like being a little abstract with your iPhone? Want to get some "indie" shots? Well then the olloclip may be for you. 


First off, $45-60?!? Holy #$%& that's expensive. 

Okay so starting off negative probably wasn't the best way to begin this post but since i'm very money conscious that's the first thing that hit me. Let's take a look at some sample shots from the olloclip and then we'll dive into the design and function of it. As always you can click to enlarge the photos.

The olloclip -  


Sample Shots -


The olloclip includes 3 different lenses, a fisheye, wide-angle and a macro lens for those close ups. Using the olloclip is very simple, place it on the corner of your iPhone and whala! You're an indie photographer like just like my friends Troy Parquer or Alex Dinsmoor. Simple, effective and a truly interesting concept for a mobile lens. The olloclip provides a new way to take pictures without using apps such as instagram or picplz, actually you could probably use these lenses with those apps to take even trippier pictures. 

The olloclip works on both the rear and Facetime camera to give you a unique experience when Facetiming with others. No longer will you have to hold your arm awkwardly in the distance when everyone is looking at you with wide-angle. ;)

I can't talk about build quality since the product doesn't actually exist yet, but it appears much more user friendly and harder to lose than somthing like Jelly Lenses. Price is still a factor for me but overall the product looks promising. 

More Product pics - 



If you're interested in learning more about the olloclip I recommend you check out their very snazzy website or Kickstarter Project Page.