Minibloq: Graphical Programming for Arduino

Minibloq is a wonderfully simple program that makes it easy to write code for the open source computer system Arduino. 

As always, here is a the Kickstarter video that you can watch before we dive in. :)

If you watched the video you can now see that Minibloq is stupidly easy to use and a great way for kids, or anyone really, to get into programming. Julián da Silva, the man behind it all is a teacher and has been working in educational electronics since 1994. From what i've seen, he knows his stuff.

Minibloq is coding with graphics, plain and simple. The Graphical interface writes the arduino code which you can then see in the side panel. Pictures -> Code. Awesome.

Julián's goals for Minibloq are to create something:

  • Easy
  • Fast
  • Free and with Sources!
  • Ready for the transition to text-based programming
  • Advanced interface
  • Modular
  • All-in-one, ready-to-use solution
  • Portable
  • Easy integration with new hardware
  • Internationalization

From the demos I've seen on his blog, Julián really has something here and I am happy to support him in his endevors. I think the educational benefits in schools could be huge for our steadily advancing population.  

Here is a quick look as how simple it is to write a few lines of LED fun.

Interested? Check it out on Kickstarter.