B-Squares: Modular Solar Power Fun

Simple little squares, endless possibilities, let's dive in.

B-Squares are a concept designed by Jordan and Shawn Frayne who have both been working on green energy projects for several years. These little squares snap together to form just about anything you could think of. Charge your iPhone, build a robot, have your solar powered clock tweet the time, you get the point. To save you a bit time I'll break down why I think these squares are so awesome and give you a link to their full explanation on Kickstarter at then end of the article (Since obviously the inventor can explain them better than me :P) .

So why are B-Squares so awesome? 

  • Solar Charge just about anything by snapping them together in an array for more power.
  • Portable solar power at an affordable price point.
  • Micro Suction cups that stick to just about any flat surface.
  • Compatible with arduino, an open source computer system.
  • A fresh, new, growing product.
  • The creative possibilities are endless!

Now that's just a few things, with the project fully funded and many new squares being designed the B-Squares could potentially grow into the new "Lego" for us tech geeks. 

I know that's a bit far fetched, but it is certainly possible. Here is a video of a little B-Square robot using the arduino computer, some small motors, sensors and a battery square. Nifty, huh? 

Interested in learning more or backing the project on Kickstarter? Hit up the link.