unDock: Eject them all

Let's say you have a home desk setup with your laptop, a few hard drives, an ethernet cable, audio cable, etc. all plugged in. Suddenly your job calls and you've got to get out the door in a hurry (in this situation every second counts). You snag your bag and are just about to pull out all your cables when suddenly you realize that you can't just yank out the cables without your Mac yelling at you for not being safe. Also, just to add drama, you're not exactly sure if you have any crucial data transfers going on. 

Click, drag, eject. Click, drag, eject. Click, drag, eject. Click, drag, eject. Click, drag, eject.

Finally, all of your hard drives can now be safely unplugged. 

Luckily for you (and me) there is a more efficient way, unDock. 

unDock, developed by Flying Paper Software is a nifty little app that with the stroke of a Hotkey can (by default) instantly eject anything you want. CDs, DVDs, Network Drives, Firewire Drives, you name it. I press my customized key command, Option + E, and in seconds i'm ready to pack up. With the clever implementation of Growl notifications, unDock will tell you exactly when it's done or if there is a problem, such as an active file transfer.


As you can see, I don't have any just yet.. 

If all that wasn't enough for you, there's even more. unDock has the capability to activate scripts as well when the Hotkey is pressed. Want to make it the ultimate "pack up" solution? Write a small script to put your computer to sleep, or maybe one that sets the screen saver lock. The possibilities are really endless.

For only 0.99¢ I couldn't pass up it up. Feeling the efficiency? You can get it here.



Are you a road warrior? Is this kind of App useful to you? Let me know in the comments!