The Freaker

Dammit, I can't believe i'm blogging about a beverage accessory. Well, here we go internet! 

The Freaker. It's like a beer coozy, but 10,000x better. 

If you watched the video above you can see that Zach Crain is a bit crazy, but he's also a genius and the inventor of the Freaker. 

Problem: Beer coozys have never worked; they're silly, awkward and when you're done drinking, what do you do with them? Exactly. Mr. Crain and his team came up with a new way to make and market a product idea that has been around for years. But is it just a product? More on this later.

The product is pretty simple, a flexible knitted cloth that fits the shape of just about any bottle, mug, can, container or jug, but the technology behind it is what really makes it cool.

  1. It keeps drinks hot or cold. 
  2. Super colorful. 
  3. Keeps your hand dry.
  4. Reusable.
  5. Turns you into a hippie.
  6. Instantly gets you laid.
  7. Okay, so there isn't much tech behind it either... 

Honestly, I have no idea why I love this product as much as I do. It's a genius idea, with an even geniuser (I know that's not a word) marketing team behind it.

Watch this video:

Now tell me you don't want one. 

They're not just selling you a Freaker, they're selling you a look, much like most clothing companies. Backed with a crazy marketing campaign and some very creative people they... well I think this quote can explain it better than I.

"In late summer 2011, the world of traveling adventures was changed forever. With grilled cheese. Complete with all the necessary lawnchairs, decks and various apparatus, this boxtruck fed and satisfied Americans from coast to coast with slighty crunchy (but gooey on the inside!) goodness. Coming soon to a grill near you."

Yeah. If you can't tell how much I like these people and their product yet, you probably don't know me too well either. 

What are your thoughts on the Freaker? Have you ever used a beer coozy? Do you like squirrels? Leave me a comment, I want to know!


To get more info or preorder some Freakers you can check our their Kickstarter page or