Capture Camera Clip System

Ever been working with a DSLR and needed to set it down for a second? Maybe you're out hiking and it's banging against your chest; Or maybe something that we are all familiar with, neck strap pain.

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The Capture by Peak Design solves all these problems, instantly. This simple little device attaches itself to just about any strap, belt, band or tie you have on you. Then allows you to quickly detach your DSLR, snap a picture, and safely reattach your investment with little effort. Now before I start jumping around in this post (I often do) and you start asking questions, here is a video showing how secure the product really is. 


To the left is the Capture being used on a belt, and as you can see it holds the camera quite well. The only time I could see a problem is with a very large telephoto lens, it would probably hit up against your leg and/or pull down your pants, both undesireable. The more I look at it, it reminds me of a gun holster. I can totally see two Photographers duking it out to see who can Capture each other first. Horrible pun, anyways. 


The Capture was originally designed for use on the strap of a backpack.

Mouting is super easy, unscrew one side and sandwich your belt or strap in the middle. Grab the Arca-Swiss compatable connection plate, screw it in to your favorite DSLR and you're good to go! 

Accessories for the Capture are already in production as well; in the near future one will be able to mount the Capture to just about anything. Quick release on a light post for a photoshoot? Awesome!  


At the time of writing this the Capture is about 1,200% funded with over $121,000 and it still has 66 days to go on Kickstarter! I am very excited to get my hands on the Capture and really want to test it hard this summer. Check back in a couple months for the full length review! 


Original Kickstarter Video:



To learn more about the Capture check out or the project's page on Kickstarter.
Speacial thanks to Peter Dering for the Photos! [ and the product :) ]