TiGr: Titanium Bike Lock

I currently do not own a bike, but I couldn't not back this product! (Double negatives are fun :) )  Kickstarter got me again..  

The TiGr Titanium bike lock is made by John Loughlin and is a phenominal idea. The design is incredibly simple, appealing, and very user friendly. A key, the lock itself and a long strip of titanium is all there is to it! No combinations, no fiddling with chains or curling wire, just simple insurance that your bike is safe. The lock is so strong (by design) that the potential theif would probably have a better chance at removing whatever your bike is attached to than cutting through the lock. Seriously.

While the product is VERY expensive now running at $150 for the lock, a T-Shirt, and some little extras; you get what you pay for. 

I by all means am not made of money, and like most college students am pretty much broke. I may get my hands on this product one day (hopefully) but this time I really just wanted to help make it a success. I opted for the $5 reward to fund the project, and in return I get some cool stickers. :) 

If you bike daily this product is a must have, check out the video below for a full demo. 

For more information you can visit tigrlock.com or head over to Kickstarter.