Fresh & Simple Wallpapers

Since I seem to be getting quite a few comments, I thought I'd share with you guys my favorite website for Wallpapers. Currently all of my Wallpapers are from this website and rotate every five minutes (I like to keep it fresh).

A good wallpaper for me is something:

  • Clean Looking
  • Funny
  • Creative
  • Simple
  • Not distracting

If that sounds like your kind of wallpaper then Simple Desktops is for you too! They have a new wallpaper everyday but I only stop in once every couple months to download them all. 

If you have a Mac and want to get your hands on the last 100 or so I wrote an Automator workflow just for you! Actually, that's a lie. I wrote the workflow for myself because saving all them manually can be a pain.. but i'm sharing. :) 

Download it --> here  and unzip to use. (Mac Only)

Enjoy the fresh visuals!