Childish Gambino - EP

Donald Glover is a rising star and will probably surface to the mainstream in 2011. A standup comedian and Actor on "Community" Glover is now jumping into the music industry as "Childish Gambino". His EP has been out for about a month and is now rising to the surface. If you like hip-hop at all check out his album, he raps about real life with funny up to date references. Of course, like with any rapper, swear words and a big ass ego are present. Enjoy :) 

The EP

  1. Be Alone
  2. Freaks and Geeks
  3. My Shine
  4. Not Going Back ft. Belinda Malaika
  5. Lights Turned On 

Download Here

My Favorite song by him now isn't available on the EP but you can listen/download it below. :)

The Longest Text Message by Childish Gambino