Squarespace V5 Complaints / Feature Requests

Here are some of my "pet peeves" with Squarespace v5, along with a few things i'd like to see in the future. I really hope they fix these in the next version because some of them are quite annoying..

  • File limit of 20mb? Come on. 
  • Leave my HTML alone! (Every time I edit something Squarespace always adds random code to it)
  • Downloadable galleries
  • More gallery options
  • Embedable galleries
  • Ability to change the comment interface and decide what the user must provide before posting
  • More Templates (You can never have enough)
  • More widgets (They've barely hit the surface)
  • Maintenance Page (So I can make large changes and ensure they work before it's live)
  • My default OSX dictionary doesn't pickup spelling errors when typing posts in the WYSIWYG editor? (I have to use the Squarespace spellcheck which i'm not a huge fan of)

Do you have any issues or requests? Leave them in the comments! 

Squarespace just got their first round of funding not too long ago so I hope v6 fixes these and provides an incredible new user experience.

Justin Murphy1 Comment