Why I switched to Squarespace

Making the switch from Wordpress was a hard one, not the whole "setting up a new blog" (Squarespace made that super easy) but the features, plugins and automation I was leaving behind. After using the Wordpress platform for over 6 months I can safely say it is the best Open Source blog platform I have ever used. Setup is supported by most hosting services, and you can even ask them to install it for you. Once installed you're free to indulge in all the features, mobile posting, and the endless amount of widgets that are offered. There was one big problem though which instigated the switch; The Theme. 

The Theme in a Wordpress blog is the center of its look, feel and functionality (beyond the basics). I used an Elegant Theme's Theme, which are by far some of the nicest on the market, and loved it. When it came to changing things up though, there wasn't much I could do outside of the colors, site graphics and basic setup. The themes were beautiful, but I wanted something uniquely me. 

The other issue I had wasn't related to Wordpress at all, but the server my site was on. I was using Godaddy hosting. Godaddy hosting isn't bad, but I did have to call customer service (they love me) a few times to get them to speed up my website. Once I started hosting a couple larger files, the economy server began to hate me even more. 

So why did I move from Wordpress Hosting to Squarespace?


  1. Customization
  2. Templates you can build on
  3. Scalable hosting
  4. Statistics are better than Google Analytics
  5. Customer Service
  6. Built in SEO 
  7. Everything is in one place


Which blogging platform do you prefer?

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