Top 5 Personal Blogs

Independent blogs by a sole person are fairly common but are usually not kept up or just appear to be complete crap. This is usually because people want a name on the internet, but have no idea how to do it. It started with Blogger and has now moved to the popular Tumblr (which I will say has some beautiful themes). People create a site, post a few times and then a week later *poof* they stop posting, I've done it. I've also blogged every day for over 6 months on (it may be gone by the time you read this).  The problem is, many personal blogs are not very successful commercially. The articles arn't covering the hottest news or topics (ex. Engadget, TechCruch, TNW),  leaving very little incentive to keep posting day after day, seeing no return. 

While I could talk about this topic for quite some time (I probably will in another post), here are my "Top 5 Personal Blogs" that I like to read on a regular basis. These individuals do a great job posting quality content on a fairly regular basis, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

First up is Brodie Beta, also known as @iPhonegirl on twitter. Brodie is a popular journalist on the web who always keeps her content up to date and relevant, usually covering some of the hottest mobile apps. Writing for TNW and she knows her stuff and it shows even on her personal blog. Rebranded Geeklish not too long ago, she brings Geek and Girl together in every post.

Next up is Jason Dunn, another Canadian blogger (I must like the way they write or something..). With a new post every couple days Mr. Dunn keeps it interesting and you never know what he is going to post next. From personal thoughts to death by taxes, it's Pandora's box. I think the randomness combined with his quality writing is what keeps me reading this gem. has been around for quite some time. Created by Jason Kottke in 1998 this blog covers everything we today would deem "indie". Updated daily, this gem has it all from Tech to Art with some pop culture thrown in. If you can't find something in this blog that you like, I'd be surprised.

John Battelle, has been in the media for quite some time. The thing about John is, (if you didn't notice by the random ALL CAPS) his voice shines straight through in every entry. Posting atleast once each week, he talks mostly about internet marketing, with some personal book reviews and such thrown in.

Oh Kevin, I'm putting you on this list but I sure wish you would post more.

If you've seen diggnation, read about digg or are at all invovled in the tech world you've probably heard of him. An "Angel Investor" and Founder of Digg, Kevin blogs about his latest "Foundation" shows, the most reliable apple rumors on the web, his favorite tech products of the year, and of course "The Random Show". As much as I wanted to leave him off this list, I couldn't; He's my idol.