My OU Tour – 11/6/10

We piled into the conference hall of the Oakland Center as the clock neared 10. It was time for College Tour number two. OU greeted us with some warm "Seattle's Best" coffee, mmmmm. After about an hour of listening to the lovely people at OU talk it was time to get on with the actual reason I had come that morning, a tour of campus. With nearly 200 people in the room, they split us up into 14 groups, we were the "cream" group. Living close to OU I had already seen the main buildings, such as the oakland center several times. What I was more interested in was the Academic buildings and the engineering labs that the school offered. As we walked through the halls, I noticed white walls and high ceilings, that was about it. On the outside Oakland University is an amazing looking campus, but on the inside the yellow lighting and white walls make it look very bland. It was missing the college feel I was looking for. Their academics are outstanding, but the campus could use some work.

Room for Improvement

1. Better lighting

2. Better hours for the food court and campus offerings.

3. More art around the school

I've wanted to go to Oakland University since I was a kid, but after experiencing other schools I just don't think that OU is on par with the other colleges I was accepted too. Sorry OU, I still love you!

Here are some pictures from my visit!

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