Twhix Cream

It's 11pm, you're sitting at home craving dessert. You have 9 leftover Twix from halloween and you want to eat them. What do you do? Make Twhix Cream.

That was a horrible story, I know, but it explains how I made this :D

Step One

Crush up some Twix. Use a Kitchen mallet and pound them to oblivion, but don't make a hole in your mothers counter. Once you've done that, grab a bowl and some whip cream.

Step Two

Take the whip cream and cover the base of the bowl in it, I made a smily face. You can get creative, but it all tastes the same.

Step Three

Throw on the Twix! You can use the whole strips of caramel that are left over to put over your design and sprinkle the rest of the crushed chocolate and cookie around it.


Now you can eat it! I suggest a spoon but I guess you could use anything really...

Justin MurphyComment