My Kettering Tour – 11/8/10

At around 1pm we pulled up onto Kettering Universities Campus. "There will be a lime green cone," said the pamphlet. BAM! There it was, the only lime green cone in the parking lot. I guess I'm the only one touring today, I thought. Turns out, I was. The tour was so personal at Kettering, and they gave us free lunch too! I must say I really did enjoy the campus and their engineering program is phenomenal, but if I want to do anything else during my stay it's pretty limited.

Things I liked

Free food
Small campus
Amazing engineering program
Dorm rooms (They were amazing to say the least, best ones i've seen)
SAE Team

Things I didn't like

Guy to girl ratio
City in which it's located
Not being able to really experience college by changing location every 3 months.
Limited lunch times

I didn't have any time to take pictures on the trip but Kettering ranks #2 on my college list so far.
Justin Murphy1 Comment