First time giving blood!

"Be nice to me, I gave blood today!" was seen all around my school yesterday.

Yesterday was my first time giving blood to the American Red Cross. My school held a blood drive in the gym which went on pretty much all day and over 100 people donated! It wasn't scary, it wasn't painful, it was fun! I pumped out about a pint in 6 Minutes and felt fantastic, the whole experience was just amazing. About 8 people around me  did pass out though, it's not something to joke about until you see someone pass out. They just go limp and sink down onto the table, then you laugh hysterically once you know they're okay, it's hilarious to watch.

But don't let the needle or the passing out scare you, donating blood is an easy way to give back to the community, and it's really easy! The finger prick is the only thing you should be terrified of, that s*** hurts. But alas it's all for a good cause, so go donate! Must be 17 or older to participate.

Find the nearest drive here -

Even though it's uncommon,

Tips to not pass out :

1. Drink lots of water (I drank 6 bottles before, 2 after)

2. Be awesome

3. Eat a healthy breakfast

4. Don't lie about your weight (Yeah i'm looking at you, toothpick girl.)

5. Eat all the free food they give you, it's free. :)

Although I didn't bring my flip (I will next time!) I did take a few photos which you can check out in the gallery below.


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