Chrome to Phone Setup

Chrome to phone is a very cool extension for the Chrome Browser and your Android device. I often look at the clock and suddenly realize I have to go somewhere, problem is i'm halfway through a blog post and I really want to finish reading it. *Click* ------> *Bing* It's on my phone. I slide down the notification bar and just like that I am reading again while I walk out the door.

If after reading that you suddenly realize you want to set this up right now, you're in the right place.

Step 1 - Download the Extension for your Chrome Broswer                                                           

You can do so here - Chrome to Phone

Step 2 - Get it on your phone

You can scan the QR Code here

Chrome to Phone QR

or Search for "Google Chrome to Phone" in the Market, it should be the first link.

Installation is pretty easy but below are some screen shots of what to expect.













Pretty simple, right?











Step 3 - Sync it up!

Click the little  Chrome to Phone in the upper right hand corner of your browser and login to google.

Step 4 - Send it!

Go to your favorite webpage and click the same button!


Step 5 - Enjoy your newfound tool and comment on this post :)

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