Kensington Bluetooth Headphones Review

When apple released the 3.0 software bluetooth headphones were the first thing on my mind. Walking around Microcenter I happened to come across the Kensington bluetooth headphones. At a cheap price point of $40 it seemed to be the best deal. Amazon has them cheaper but with shipping it is about even. When I got home I plugged them in and went to watch a movie, by the time it was over they were fully charged. Syncing them was a breeze, my ipod picked them up right away and with my mac all I had to do was run the bluetooth setup assistant. Using these as headphones was amazing but the built in mic, not so much. After making a few skype calls with friends and testing itout in Ventrilo their were some negative opinions on how it sounded.

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If you are looking for some great headphones and an okay headset these are for you. One thing that did bother me though was the fact that the "next" and "previous" buttons didn't work with my ipod.


Update - I am returning the headphones because of all the connection problems Ihave had. The only solution I have found is re-pairing them and that only lasts for a few.

3/5 - Still great headphones, but I like things to work.