A Traditional Resumè doesn't seem to cut it anymore, so I'm taking a different appraoch. I created this website to highlight some of the awesome projects I've worked on and how to get ahold of me for future work.
I'm taking a transparent approach laying it all out there for employers and clients to see what I'm charing and what I've done.

The field of cloud computing, web development and programming in gerneral continues to change on a regular basis, here are some of the resources I utilize to keep up with the changes.

Open Source projects are crucial, I like to make my code public if I can.


Free code camp has been a tremendous tool for learning new and refreshing skills.


Amazing resource for discovering the cloud, refeshing skills and learning terminology for cloud products.

Cloud Academy

Best place on the web to ask questions about code and get thoughtful answers.


Technologies Cloud

Everything I've ever worked with in a fun little word cloud (with links!).